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Company Background

Technology Applications Group, Inc. (TAG) developed the Tagnite coating for a simple reason: existing magnesium coatings were inadequate for the demanding environments in which the metal was being used. They lacked inherent corrosion resistance and, due to the chemicals employed, were environmentally hazardous.

The major property absent in the other magnesium coatings is corrosion resistance. Prior to the development of Tagnite, studies ranked HAE and Dow 17, Chrome Manganese and Dow 7 as providing the best corrosion resistance. However, HAE and Dow 17 provided only a limited number of hours corrosion resistance protection when exposed to salt spray (ASTM B117 5%). Chrome Manganese and Dow 7 provided almost no measurable corrosion resistance.

Environmental concerns are another key issue with other magnesium coatings. Most magnesium coatings (Dow 17, Dow 7, and Chrome Manganese) contain Chromium (VI), sometimes referred to as chromates or hexavalent chromium. Chromium (VI), a carcinogen, is a major health hazard. At the time these coatings were developed, the health risks associated with Chromium (VI) were unknown.

With these issues to address, TAG set out to develop a coating which would provide superior corrosion resistance and be environmentally acceptable. The Tagnite coating has unmatched abrasion resistance and unequaled coating uniformity and is an excellent base for paint. We are proud of our coating technology and pleased to say it is being used by major aerospace companies.

Great aerospace companies demand the best. That's why Sikorsky Aircraft, Boeing Helicopter, Orenda Aerospace and Pratt & Whitney and others have chosen the Tagnite coating for their magnesium castings.

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